Football Broadcasting

The Adcell Group are the industry leaders in special event broadcasting for ‘grass roots’ Football.

Capturing all the excitement of Grand Finals and Interleague matches across all age groups, the team at Adcell Group can bring these special events to life and creating lasting memories for the participants and their families through quality dvd productions. Through live streaming, our team can deliver these matches live, complete with commentary, scoreboards, time clocks and sponsorship integration to the world as it happens at your local venue. With a team of videographers, onsite editing and directing and a wealth of experience, our team can produce TV quality coverage of your events with multiple angles to capture all the action.
An extension of our local sport broadcasting is the Red Footy video sharing network. Red Footy connects participants of select leagues around Victoria through an online network delivering weekly video footage of matches which has boosted exposure and coaching tools for the local clubs. This exciting new product turns local weekend warriors into TV stars every week!!


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